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A New Revolution in UV Printing - XIS Digital UV Flatbed Printers
6 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

It’s no surprise that the application of UV Printing has covered practically anything and everything under the sun. The traditional printing methodology had certain flaws like limited application, longer drying up time and the environmental havoc created by the inks. All these have been well taken care of by the latest UV printing. 

The Revolutionary UV Printing

UV printing is applicable to almost any substrate. It can be non-porous materials like plastic, glass or metal. Even wood and gift items are no exception. The finish on each product is so versatile and classy that this printing technology is here to stay. High-resolution graphics can be printed on any surface and the UV printing technology is becoming a necessity for the commercial and the packaging industry.

In 2016, Research Nester found that the UV LED printing market was worth $278.3 million and the same is expected to be $550 million by 2024 across the globe. The signage industry vows on the name of UV Flatbed printing and has seen a commendable surge in sales graphs with UV printing. Here are a few applications of this revolutionary printing technology:

·     Acrylics, Awards, and Trophies

·     Bottles and Cylindrical Objects

·     Sports Equipment

·     Mobile phone cases, laptop cases 

·     Customized gifts and promotional items

The UV flatbed technology can print on wood, glass, metal, fabrics and any item that fits in the printer. With this, the packaging industry has seen a boom, especially due to customized and name-engraved gifts and packages. The ceramic tiles and tabletops have set new benchmarks. The wooden and glass doors have been given a design element with the latest UV printing designs. Industrial labeling and dials of watches can also be printed with UV LED printers.

There is no dearth of items that can be discussed and the rage continues to expand to multiple creative avenues.

Impossible is Possible Now

The breaking news which sets the trend on a different dimension is that Primus Ir20 and Magnus Ir20 machines have started printing for irregular surfaces up to 20 mm. The CEO of India’s largest authorized manufacturer and supplier of UV Printers - Axis Enterprises, Sanjiv Budhiraja says, “The industry has seen a paradigm shift in the sales and volumes with customization and personalization. With printing on an irregular surface, a new dimension has been added and the horizon has been widened.”

The impossible has been made possible with the printer models extending the printing on irregular surfaces up to 20mm. What more can one ask for!

Last Words

In case you are looking for a new high-speed, high-density UV Flatbed printer or updating an existing one, feel free to contact Axis Enterprises for a demo or the most genuine advice. The UV printing technology has put the ingenuity and creativity possible with its diverse printing and is the technology of the future.


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