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Here is 5 Top UV Flatbed Printers of 2020
24 January, 2020 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

.The evolution of technology has created volumes of printing of

the new order. The UV LED Flatbed printer is a revolution in

printing anything on any surface, making customization

possible and has widened the realm of businesses. Instant

curing, instant drying up and printing colored or black and

white images and logos have created dynamism in the field.

LED light spectrum makes the ink dry up instantly after reacting

with the photoinitiators and adheres to the substrate instantly.

The investment in UV LED printers may be a cause of stress as

you may be worried about the costs of the printer, the amount

of investment involved and after-sale services. Close your eyes

and get in touch with the leading manufacturers and suppliers

of latest UV printers across India, Axis Enterprises and let them

know of your doubts.

What are the 5 Best Printers of 2020?

Sanjeev Bhudhiraja, CEO of Axis Enterprises, proudly shares the

top 5 models of UV Flatbed technology printers of 2020 and

promises eco-friendly, fast production speeds and best quality

printing. For printing any design on any product- leather,

plastic, wood, glass, metal, ceramic tiles, here is a quick look

through the latest 5 best-in-class printers for the new era:

1. Xis Flashjet 4720

This is the invariably best printer to print on any substrate

of any thickness. With its high speed, you can increase

your productivity and efficiency.

Axis Enterprises is a reputable and reliable name in the

printer providers and this model comes with a warranty of

one year. It uses the environment-friendly UV curing ink

and performs the smart function of printing white base as

well as colored images.

It is encompassed with changeable ink channels for more

flexible work and longer life span. A life span of 50,000

hours along with covered UV Led to protect eyes, this is

surely a must buy to increase the volumes of business.

2. Xis Acejet 600

This is the best-selling model and enables smart function

printing of white base along with color images. It’s a smart

machine with modern design, easy operation and

convenient maintenance. Following are the USP features

of this must-buy printer which makes it different from


 It is equipped with an advanced ink tank system with

electronic level sensors.

 White ink shaking motor is an advanced feature.

 It is enabled with print head protection and

automatic height sensor.

 It can be diversified for use as canvas printer, plastic

printer, power bank printer, PVC printer, and metal


Xis Acejet 600 can print mobile covers, corporate gifts,

personalized gift items, and printing logos and price tags.

3. Xis Arcjet 200

For best quality printing on wood, Xis Arcjet 200 is the best

and comes with a year's warranty. It provides scratchproof printing on door handles and other items where you

need high-quality printing. Get dream wedding cards and

boxes printed with the concept you have in mind and

deliver the best to your customers. Customize any design

with advanced inkjet technology.

Avail the on-site customer support and get the printing

support to enhance your business proposition and client


4. Xis Microjet 116

This is big UV Flatbed printer and you can easily print on

mobile covers, pen drives, trophies, corporate gifts, pens,

toys, wood, leather, acrylic, metal, sun board and glass.

With the double Rico head, it can be used for industrial

productions because of faster speed. The 3.5 Picoliter

head nozzle provides a very high-resolution printing with

edge-to-edge sharpness.

It can hold flexible media like canvas, leather, sun board, etc. with its vacuum bed. This is a premium model which is

extensively used in the signage industry, PVC door panels,

wooden doors, and glass sheets.

5. Primus V4

This model of UV Flatbed printers has changed the

business dynamics. This is a big printer machine and has

high-speed mode printing. The Ricoh Gen 5 print head is

the epitome of printing quality and with the UV curing

continuous ink supply, it can print undeterred on bulk

volumes of items.

It is used extensively across many industries to print on a

number of items and has enabled the industries to enter

into customization and increase the customer base.

Last Words

Axis Enterprise is committed to excellence in service, quality

and customer support to pan India customers. For a free demo

or query, log on to and pave way for

increasing your business volumes by almost 270%. Axis

Enterprises provide printing solutions to a diverse number of

industries and is widely appreciated for trouble-free operations.

It is the largest authorized manufacturer and supplier of UV

flatbed printers of the latest technology.