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Difference Between The latest UV Printing VS. The Traditional Screen Printing
13 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

 When it comes to printing the horizon has seamlessly widened beyond clothes and t-shirts and now one can imagine almost anything being printed and

customized like glass doorstabletops, and fancy mobile covers or even on metal. The technological invasion brings something new and something that can be a

table turner for the businesses. This rings a bell to the latest printing innovation and that is the digital UV printing

The Age-Old Methodology

Screen printing is a printing technology used since the 1900s and started by the Chinese. Using a stamp kind of technology with the help of aluminum mesh, a

variety of designs can be created using a variety of screens. This technology has been extensively used in the case of fabrics, majorly t-shirts. Once the printing is done the ink has to be dried using heat or put in high-temperature ovens for the ink to dry up. The process offers high flexibility and the color effects and quality of inks on apparel is noteworthy. 

Is Change Always for Good?

The drawbacks of a process always lead to innovations and new products emerge in limelight. The excessive drying time and limitation of printing only on fabrics

led to the evolution of the new rage-UV printing. With built-in UV light, the ink dries up instantly and does not lead to smearing or blotching. This has enabled any kind of design being printed on any surface like acrylicsmetalceramicsglass or even wood. The UV printing enables printing of dark and white images together on the same surface. With photo-quality results the efficiency and the quantum of printing have gone up tremendously, lowering the overall costs.

What is better?

A face-off between modern and traditional printing technologies will give a better idea as to which technology can reap better results. Here are a few parameters worth considering:

1. Cost

Cost is of paramount relevance. UV printing is a linear process irrespective of the quantity printed and is beneficial for a lower quantity of production as

no setup costs are involved. Screen printing involves a wide range of stencils to be created, so they are not suitable for lower quantities. However, if bulk order is to be printed the same stencils can be used, hence screen printing may be viable.

2. Products to be Printed

Screen printing is a robust technology but majorly concentrated on apparel and t-shirts. The digital UV printing can be extended to almost any kind of surface like acrylicaluminumglassmetal, and wood. A plethora of items can be customized like pens, doors, mugs, mobile covers, trophies and many more. UV printing has revolutionized the market with customization and personalization. The gifting industry has seen a boom with UV printing technology. 

3. Use of Inks

The UV printing uses ink that contains a chemical called photoinitiators which trigger a chain of reaction on being contacted by UV light. This ink dries up instantly with UV-light.

The screen printing uses three types of ink-plastisol, water-based inks and discharges inks. Each ink has limitations with regard to the drying up the process and the after-wash quality.

4. Environment-Conscious

With an increasingly aware generation, this factor is gaining importance gradually. Plastisol used in screen printing contains PVC, which is a harmful pollutant. Water-based inks are relatively more eco-friendly. However, UV printing is very environment-friendly which neither uses heat nor toxins in the process; hence is a hands-down winner of this category.

Last Words

Depending on the product and the quantum of production, the decision to choose the technology of printing may vary. However digital UV printing technology is gaining popularity on various accounts. Axis Enterprises is an authorized manufacturer and provider of UV printers of various types. The cost-effective UV LED printers with Uni and Bi-directional modes are truly becoming a rage. For best edge-to-edge sharpness, any query or a free

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