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How To Make the Air Cooler Look Smarter? Use of Digital UV Metal Printing.
23 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

Customize and get virtually anything designed and print
thousands of items with the new age UV LED digital printing.
Things which were unaffordable to design in the past have now
become feasible to be designed and printed upon any design of
any color on any substrate.
UV Flatbed Printers have unmatchable speed, clarity and have
created highly profitable marketing opportunities for printable
substrates like customized gifts, stationery, tables, sports
equipment, glass doors etc. The not-to-missed game changing
product printed on using the UV LED printer is the water cooler
How to Make Water Cooler Sheets look Cooler?
An ordinary item like water cooler can now be given a designer
status with UV LED printing. The outer covering or the sheets
have been printed upon using this technology and the water
looks way smarter.
“With the changing outlook of offices and homes, why thrive
with dull, plain grey sheets of water cooler?” asks Mr. Sanjeev
Budhiraja, CEO of the leading UV digital Flatbed printer
provider company- Axis Enterprises. He says that with the
innumerable features of UV LED printing, the art of curating

and getting designs printed on almost any surface has become
possible. The advent of printing on water cooler sheets has
actually increased the demand for ‘designer water coolers’.

How is UV LED Printing helpful for Water Cooler Sheets?
You would want to step ahead and make water coolers which
will enhance the outlook of your rooms, lobby, offices or any
building. You may design ‘space theme’ for your kids’ bedroom
or a subtle graphic design for your office.
Here are a few uses which make UV LED Digital printing apt for
designing water cooler sheets:
Wider Printing Ability
With UV Flatbed printers, any substrate, even a thick 3-D
object, can be printed. Wide variety of materials like
photographic paper, film, canvas, cloth, acrylic, carpet, tile,
glass, ceramic, wood, leather, PVC, UV Flatbed technology
has come far and wide. The addition of printing water
cooler sheets has changed the dynamics of cooler industry.
The UV Flatbed technique is environment friendly as it
does not emit ozone and doesn’t leave cartridges. This
energy-efficient technology creates very less indoor

pollution relative to the traditional printing technologies.
Hence UV LED printing is the technology of the future and
is more sustainable.
Superior Quality Finished Product
The final cooler sheet is much more scratch-proof because
of liquid laminate. This extends the outdoor life of the
sheets and makes them weather-resistant as well. The
sheen and gloss finish of the final sheets makes the water
cooler give a designer look.
Instant Drying
The UV ink dries up instantly using the ultraviolet rays and
as a result multiple layers of sheets can be printed
simultaneously and small details and fonts can be printed
at the same time. Unique custom textures and letters can
be printed without getting smudged. There’s no ink
absorption into the actual substrate.
Print on white or colored Substrates
The ability to print on any substance with white ink and
full colored ink on dark items has made UV printer suitable
to print on water cooler sheets.
Fast production Time
Since the drying up process is instant, production speed
and efficiency are much higher. Fully designed sheets can
be immediately packed or assembled over the cooler. No
additional drying up time or waiting time is needed.

Power Economical
UV LED technology is power efficient and will not cost
much difference in electricity bills. UV Flatbed printers
switch on instantly, use less power and generate a small
amount of heat. You just have to buy the printer and get
designer sheets ready at lesser-than-imagined costs.
Over to You
If you want to stay ahead of your competitors buying the
right type of UV LED Flatbed printer is essential. You can
easily start the production of ‘designer’ water coolers and
gain an edge over the market. For any query or assistance
as to which type of printer is suitable for you, log on to
Axis Enterprises, India’s largest authorized printer
manufacturers and providers and seek help to grow your
business revenues by 270%.