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Increase your profits by 270% ... By adopting UV Printing Technology in your business
13 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

Welcome to the new age digital printing technology. It’s a new revolutionary product after the laser and ink-jet sublimation. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the UV Printers with updated and automated technology. The Digital Flatbed UV Printer is the new era printing revolution and the trend is here to stay.

The Flatbed Digital Printer, or Flatbed UV printer or commonly known as Flatbed printers are the printers capable of printing on a wide range of materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, cloth, wood, ceramic, leather,  etc.  Technically, it has a flat surface upon which material is placed to be printed upon. These latest technology printers use UV curable inks which enables easy printing on a wide range of materials. Incorporating popular gloss technique, matte technique and embossing technique have been easier than ever before. 

The UV printers are more viable and preferable, both economically as well environmentally. The earlier solvent printers produced much more cartridge wastage and caused pollution too. The new technology printers are versatile, compact and environment friendly. In addition to this the UV cured inks are weather resistant and produce lesser odor and heat relatively.

How can UV Printers increase profits?

Have you designed a strategy to beat the competitors?

Have you analyzed that you profits are waning off with time?

Is all your profit going in dead stock?

Are you scared to handle the customer’s recent demands of personalization and customization?

All the above reasons are a major cause of declining profits. The Digital Flatbed UV Printer is one-stop solution to all your profitability dilemmas. This new environment friendly technique is sure to help you increase the customer base, retain the existing clients and offer you a better quality for cheaper cost of production. Sounds too good to be true! Here are a few benefits that accrue with the UV Printers:

  1. Customization

The Large Format UV Printer and the Small UV Printer offer customization and personalization which help attract and retain clients. The plethora of objects that can be printed are mobile phone cases, glass, wooden items, ceramic tiles, and practically anything that can be customized. Personalization has been the demand of the evolving market, both for domestic products as well as office-use products.

  1. Cost effectiveness

With enhanced print quality, the output improves and with the cost effectiveness, the clients have claimed that the profits have risen by 270%. UV-LED technology is highly affordable and the testimonials swear by the rising profits. 

  1. Maintenance costs

This robust equipment has lesser maintenance costs and requires lesser space than the predecessors. The Flatbed Printers are sure to reduce your annual repair and maintenance costs, thereby increasing profits.

  1. Versatility

UV-LED flatbed printers are highly versatile and perfect for clients who want to address multiple markets. You can print on any item. With the myriad options to print on, you can choose the higher margin items, coupled with personalization and hence capture a wider market. A wide range of printing, namely industrial, signs and graphics have been possible due to versatility of the Flatbed Printers.

  1. Faster production 

With faster production and specialization in customizing a product, the technology has surely encouraged mass production, hence more profits. The flexibility of printing on one item to a mass production has further leveraged higher profits.

The Conclusion:

With the ease in use and printing on wavy and heat sensitive materials along with customization, the new found Digital Printers are the solution to increase profits. Enhanced printing quality and improved output are the sole reasons you can retain existing clients and attract the potential clients. The customer will automatically be drawn towards you as you will have the ability to create objects that reflect their personal style and look.