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What are the Advantage and Disadvantage of UV Inks?
9 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

With the environmental changes and the damage being done to
the planet, the business houses are shifting to eco-friendly and
safer raw materials. The whole idea is to save the planet for
future generations. Likewise in the printing domain, the new
and revolutionary UV ink is a much talked about and sought-
after material for printing.
The concept of UV ink may seem exotic, but it is relatively
simpler. After the printing command is done, the ink is exposed
to UV light (instead of drying out in the sun) and then the UV
dries and solidifies the ink.
The UV heat or infrared heat technology is an intelligent
invention. The infrared emitters transmit high energy in a short
span and applied at the specific areas where it is needed and
for the durations required. It dries up the UV ink instantly and
can be applied to wide genre of products like books, brochures,
labels, foils, packages and any kind of glass, steel, flexible
objects of any size and design.
What are the Advantages of UV Ink?
The conventional printing system used solvent ink or water
based ink which used air or heat application to dry up. Due to
drying up by air, this ink could lead to clogging in printing head
sometimes. The new state-of-art printing has been

accomplished by UV inks and UV ink is better than the solvent
and other traditional inks. It offers the following advantages
which makes it quintessential to modern day printing:
Clean and Crystal Clear Printing
The printing job on the page is crystal clear with UV ink.
The ink is resistant to smearing and looks neat and
professional. It also offers a sharp contrast and an
unmistakable gloss. There is a pleasant gloss after the
printing is done. In short the printing quality is enhanced
multiple times with UV inks relative to water based
Excellent Printing Speed and Cost-Efficient
Water-based and solvent based inks require a separate
time consuming drying process; UV inks dry up faster with
UV radiation and hence the printing efficiency goes up.
Secondly there is no wastage of ink in the drying process
and 100% ink is used in printing, so UV inks are more cost-
efficient. On the other hand nearly 40% of water based or
solvent based inks are wasted in the drying up process.
The turnaround time is much faster with UV inks.
Consistency of Designs and Prints
With UV inks consistency and uniformity is maintained
throughout the printing job. The color, sheen, pattern and

gloss remain the same and there are no chances of
blotchiness and patches. This makes UV ink suitable for all
kinds of customized gifts, commercial products as well as
household objects.
Environmental Friendly
Unlike traditional inks, UV ink does not have solvents that
evaporate and release VOCs which are considered
harmful to the environment. This makes UV ink
environment friendly. When printed on the surface for
almost 12 hours, UV ink becomes odorless and can be
contacted with the skin. Hence it is safe for the
environment as well as human skin.

Saves Cleaning Costs
UV ink dries up only with UV radiations and there are no
accumulations inside the printer head. This saves
additional cleaning costs. Even if the printing cells are left
with ink on them, there will be no dried up ink and no
clean-up costs.

It can be safely concluded that UV inks save time, money
and environmental damages. It takes the printing
experience to the next level altogether.

What are the Disadvantages of UV Ink?
However there are challenges using UV ink initially. The
ink does not dry up without being cured. The initial start-
up costs for UV ink is relatively higher and there are costs
involved in buying and establishing multiple anilox rolls to
fix colors.
The spillage of UV inks is even more unmanageable and
the workers might trace their footsteps all across the floor
if they accidentally step on UV ink spills. The operators
have to be double alert to avoid any kind of skin contact
as UV ink may cause skin irritation.

UV ink is a phenomenal asset to the printing industry. The
advantages and the merits outweigh the disadvantages by
an alarming number. Axis Enterprises is the most
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