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A Beginners Guide to Flatbed UV Printing Machine
13 December, 2019 by
Er. Ankit Kumar

Are you starting out a printing business and looking for great business opportunities? Do you want to increase efficiency by integrating a UV printing machine in your manufacturing business? Would you like to print items on a large scale and sell them on online platforms? Then I highly suggest you read on. Advances in technology have enabled the process of printing to be more efficient. Use of digital technology has made large format printing possible. In case you are in India and want digital printing solutions, Axis Enterprises is the industry leader. WHAT IS A UV PRINTER MACHINE? It is also known as a flatbed UV printer. As the name implies, the material to be printed on is placed on a flat surface. They employ the use of UV curable inks made of acrylic monomers. When these monomers are exposed to UV light, they polymerize or undergo curing. This technology allows you to print on a wide variety of surfaces like glass, leather, metal, tiles and even PVC Printing bed adjustable feature allows you to print on surfaces with thicknesses of several inches. Comparisons with Other Printing Formats There are a number of differences between UV printing and other printing formats. The following are a few differences between some of them when compared to printing with a flatbed printer. Solvent Printing One advantage flatbed printers have over their solvent counterparts is that they are environmentally friendly. Solvent printing generates significant amounts of indoor pollution and waste in form of cartridges. When you compare a flatbed printer with most printers, you find that they can print on objects that deform easily. These objects are not deformed by pressure or heat as it operates without having direct contact with the print material. Sublimation Printing With UV printing, you get instant results as the image is printed and cured with UV light. Sublimation uses a heat press to apply the image to the object. Screen Printing Screen printing is complicated and more expensive than UV printing. Film plates required for screen printing are expensive. UV printing requires simple image processing techniques. Screen print products take time to season and easily scrape off. UV prints are resistant to abrasions and scratches. They tend to have more detail with vivid colors. Pad Printing Pad printing results in smaller images with inferior quality when compared to UV printing which produces much larger, high-quality images. Operating a pad printer requires you to possess a certain skill set which you do not need with a flatbed printer. A pad printer requires you to clean it a lot while your flatbed can clean itself. Eco-Solvent Printing An eco-solvent printer does not have the color white and cannot print on your black objects whereas a flatbed can. UV printers dry immediately after heating while eco-solvent printers require high temperatures for drying.Features and Benefits of a Flatbed Printer Check out the following features and advantages of using a flatbed printer.1. Versatility flatbed printer allows you to print on a wide range of materials. The only limitation is that the materials need to be relatively flat.2. Uneven Surface Printing This allows you to print on a flat uneven surface.3. Easy To Use It is quite easy to operate and use. All you need to do is input your requirements and let it do the rest.4. Self Cleaning Functional flatbed printer automatically cleans the printhead and protects the nozzle from jamming. FLATBED PRINTER: Different Types and Formats The following are the different types of flatbed printers available for you. Your choice will be dictated by your needs and preferences. Desktop Format Printers If you are involved in small-scale printing, on small items, the desktop format is your best bet. It allows you to print on small items like mobile covers and gifts. Medium Format Flatbed Printers This type of printer is suitable if you want a slightly higher production than the desktop format. Large Format Printers You can use this type for large format printing applications on metal sheets, glass, and acrylic. It can print on your interior/exterior applications and wooden doors. WHY AXIS ENTERPRISES? If you operate a printing operation in India, here are a number of reasons why you should seriously consider Axis Enterprises for your digital printing solutions.1. Experience We started out in the year 2009 and have almost a decade of cumulative experience in providing reliable digital printing solutions. We are an industry leader and one of the pioneers in the provision of digital printing equipment and consumables. We are the best UV printer supplier in India. Our experience allows us to offer you tailor-made solutions to your digital printing issues.2. Dedicated Support Staff and After Sales Service Our support staff is dedicated and always on call to provide you with helpful solutions to your queries. On purchasing our products, we offer you excellent after-sales services to ensure you get the service that you deserve.3. Advanced Technology Our digital printing products feature advanced technology to ensure that the printing process is efficient. Our digital printers can print on almost any material surface with unlimited color options to give you a high-quality result.4. Wide Coverage Our track record speaks for itself. We have numerous satisfied clients in different parts of India who can attest to our dedication to excellent goods and service provision. We have customers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and many other locations in India. PARTING SHOT Large format printing is now possible through advances in technology. If you are based in India, Axis Enterprises will provide you with effective digital printing solutions at reasonable costs. We have an excellent after sales and customer support service. Our track record speaks for itself. We have numerous satisfied customers in India. So if you are interested in excellent digital printing solutions, contact us. Do the right thing and choose Axis Enterprises. Choose perfection. Choose success.