Sports Sticker Printing call | 88721-88721 for more details | Axis Enterprises

Sports Sticker Printing call | 88721-88721 for more details

Digital UV Sports Stickers Printing with XIS Primus Digital UV Printer by Axis Enterprises. XIS UV Commercial Printers can be used to print on any object. Axis Enterprises are leading suppliers of UV Commercial Printers in India.

Technical Details

Print Size:2000*3000mm
Print Head:RICO Gen5
Head Quantity:6 no. of head
Print Mode: CMYK W V Support Multiple Colors Combination
Print Resolution: 720*900/720*1200/720*1800DPI
Maximum Thickness:0-80mm (can customize)
Power Consumption:5000W
Net Weight:1600KG

Why XIS Primus?

1. Smart function of printing white base and color images together.

2. Modern design, easy operation & convenient maintenance.

3. Advanced Ink Tank System with electronic level sensors.

4. Equipped with white ink shaking motors.

5. Print Head Protection with an automatic height sensor.

6. An automatic head cleaning function prevents print head clogging.

7. Suitable for printing Mobile Covers, Corporate Gifts, and Personalized gift items.

8.Can be Use as Canvas Printer Plastic Printer, Power Bank Printer, PVC Printer, Metal Printer, etc.
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